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Are My Business Cards Lame?

I am so psyched about my new business cards. They won’t be here until September 30 (unfortunately after Baltimore Innovation Week), but whatever. They’ll be here soon!

I was so excited when I made them and thought I was the most clever person ever. “THIS IS GOING TO BE SO COOL,” I thought to myself. “CLIENTS WILL SEE THIS AND THINK I’M THE FUNNIEST EVER!” LOL! AWESOME!”

Then Rudy (my significant other) came into the room, saw the proofs and said, “Are you sure this is right for a marketing agency?”

“But I already ordered them,” I said.

“Yes, but if I got this card from you I’d think you were the president of a record label or something.”


I freaked out. Did I just spend all this money and get these made for nothing? Am I seriously going to look like the biggest dummy ever when I hand one of these to someone?

I think I’m going to go for it, though. And it’s not because he’s not right to some degree. It’s because I have never in my life just thrust my business card into someone’s face without having a conversation with them. The conversation usually ranges around, “Well I need marketing.” “Well I’m Amber, and I do marketing!” “Cool, do you have a card?”

Then they’ll see the card, and they’ll (hopefully) laugh and remember me. That’s what I’m going for at least.

This makes me think of how we do marketing. Everyone is all, website website we have to build a website website first! And while you do need a website, the truth is that without a strategy for marketing that website, you’re going to be stuck at the end of the design and execution with a beautiful website no one ever sees. I call it the Field of Dreams mentality – If you build it, they will come. No, they won’t. Not in this line of business. I can’t tell you how many times well-meaning clients underestimated how much money and time it takes to market a website.

So rather than putting the cart before the horse – or weeping over business cards that may or may not be a stupid idea – I say let’s think about the sales process, how the marketing materials play a part, and what kind of strategy we can put together as a result. K?

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