Blog Post Find Someone Who Won’t Kill My Cat

Find Someone Who Won’t Kill My Cat



Find Someone Who Won’t Kill My Cat

I don’t mean to be a judgypants, but – maybe not Elance appropriate?



I need you to research no kill pet shelters and negotiate terms with them to accept our cat. We have a special needs cat that is approximately 8 years old. We need you to: 1) Find a no-kill shelter for this cat. This would include researching others that have used the shelter in order to find a respectable one that would take exceptional care of our cat 2) Some no-kill shelters after a time will give the cat away to a different shelter that ends up killing the cat. This cannot happen with ours. Please discuss this with the shelters to confirm that they do not do this 3) Contact the no-kill shelter(s) and discuss terms and logistics for how we should get them the cat.

  Original job here.    

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