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Be-Vast Marketing Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the more commonly asked questions we get. Most of these deal with our monthly billing subscriptions right now, but we’ll have more for you in the coming weeks! If you have any questions that aren’t addressed here, feel free to contact Amber.

Should I Put Off Working With You Until I’m 100% Sure I’m Ready?

You should put off paying that first escrow if you're not ready for a subscription payment unless you have a special arrangement with me. The only caveat is that we take on a limited number of clients, so we'll need to make sure that we have room for you when you're ready to come on board. Make sure to stay in close contact and update us if this is the case! :)

What About Refunds if I Don’t Use a Full Month?

When you pay, you're paying for approximately two weeks of service. Even if you don't use those two weeks, the amount is non-refundable. We only process refunds in special scenarios.

This is Stupid.

I understand this will frustrate some people who want to work with us - especially all the talking about it - but I think that some people look over our service agreement, say all seems okay and we move forward. Then a couple weeks later, I'll hear from a client who says "But we just launched our PPC, why are you billing me again?" I just want to make sure everyone's clear on the service terms, so you can stay excited and we can continue a great relationship. :)

Why don’t you use longer-term contracts or set-up fees?

We find that deposits, long-term contracts, severance fees and other commitments are tedious for our clients and counter-intuitive to their needs, so we don't use these billing/work relationship strategies. Our client base contains both long-term and new clients that we pace to ensure we're never taking on more than we can handle. We rely on our reputation, so clients know that by avoiding contracts we can allow them to walk away if they feel it's in their best interest - however, clients still know our reputation precedes us and we have enough ongoing work and new clients to stay open. We don't need tie-to contracts because our ongoing clients keep us around for a reason!

Why is late payment/holding off on payment an issue?

In some billing months, over 70% of our monthly invoices are paid up to 10 days late. I'm sure you can understand that this causes a significant financial crisis for our business, particularly based on our no-severance-fee model.

Will you really stop work if I’m a few days late?

We will. And it's not because we don't like you - it's because we work hard to provide the service we do and being fairly compensated within a reasonable time frame makes sense for us, and for you. We never face a situation where only one clients pays late - it's always more like 10. :)

What is the reinstatement fee?

This is what you'll need to pay to reinstate services with us. If you're a returning client whose project was completed, we obviously won't charge you this fee. Your reinstatement fee is listed in your service agreement. If you don't see an amount listed, the fee is $100. We will raise the fee if we have to reinstate you over and over again.

What if I need a few extra days to pay?

Contact Amber via Elance or at amber@be-vast.com and she'll work with you.

I’m a current client. Does this change things for me?

Not at this time. Unless we contact you with a new service agreement or to abide by this addendum, your current service agreement still applies. Most of our service agreements do contain the reinstatement language.

I’m not an Elance client. So?

From now on, we'll be setting up non-Elance clients with a rotating invoice/Paypal subscription system. You can end the subscription at any time if you don't wish to continue with us - just let us know!