Blog Post If You’re Posting only Pics on Your Facebook Page, Stop It

If You’re Posting only Pics on Your Facebook Page, Stop It



If You’re Posting only Pics on Your Facebook Page, Stop It

If you create social media accounts for clients, or run your own social media, chances are you’ve realized there are million different ways to execute social media campaigns. If you’re working with an agency, hopefully the professionals handling your account have a specific way they gather data, populate it and update your accounts.

Social media clients are not always the easiest to hold onto. Because social media is so personal and the data is interpreted so many different ways by consumers, content is always the most important thing to consider. If you and your client or advertiser are simply are never going to vibe about what the best kind of content is, it isn’t a good fit.

We’ve worked with several clients who expected imagery to be a huge part of their social media accounts. While people love seeing pictures – and these days infographics – it’s extremely important to make sure your audience is receiving a good mix of content.

Testing Social Media Content

Why? Because different members of your audience relate to different types of content based on their own personal preferences. Some people love seeing pretty pictures, but others are going to completely gloss over any photos you post and move right on to the next status update in their friend feed.

Some people will definitely click on links to other sites if you post them, while others are looking at Facebook from their work computers and aren’t going to risk clicking on a link it’s not safe for work. Trust me, you only have to do that NSFW click one time to realize you have to be careful about what links people post.

The only way to determine what type of content is right for your audience is to test various new stories, photos, and status updates from your own website or business. Your audience’s engagement is based on what kind of business you’re in and what your audience base wants to see.


You’re Not Building a Personal Profile

Keep in mind that the social media content your readers want to see has little to do with your personality most of the time, and more to do about what you have to offer and what motivates them. If you like seeing pictures, that doesn’t necessarily mean your audience wants to see a picture for every single status update your business makes.

You could theoretically use your social media accounts to talk only about your business, but you’re not going to get too many fans. We all know by now that people resent being advertised to. Even if people love your business and the content you’re sharing comes from your own site, people are picky about what they want to see and how they want to be advertised to, so you can’t count on keeping fans. Sharing content from multiple sources doesn’t harm your brand in anyway-in fact, it shows audience members that you’re willing to dig to give them value above and beyond what you’re providing on your site. This builds trust with your audience and makes you look like an authority.

For clients – not every company who does social media is going to be the right fit for your business. When you’re working with a potential advertiser, take a look at how they handle past clients, ask them if they have a secret recipe for getting your social media content out there, and above all make sure there’s a strategy in place for your business’s social media. Without it, any social media a firm does on your behalf could be nothing more than wasted time, energy and money.


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