Monthly Services Addendum for Elance Clients

Be-Vast performs a variety of marketing services that we bill on a monthly basis. These services include PPC, SEO, Social Media, and certain copywriting services.


Our monthly services are performed on a subscription basis – meaning, once you sign up for services and make your first payment, expect for us to bill you every two weeks from your first payment date. We try to stagger payments so your bill is due on the 15th and last day of the month. Elance does not have a subscription function as part of their payment system, so this agreement is necessary to outline our payment expectations.


Be-Vast does not charge a deposit, a set-up fee or a cancellation fee. We don’t hold our clients to a service contract that requires notice to quit. Because of this, the ongoing subscription service rate is necessary to collect in order to keep our business going. 


If you’d like to receive monthly marketing services from Be-Vast, please note we will expect to be paid by the 15th and last day of the month on an ongoing basis, from the date of your first payment. If you pay on the 7th, your bill won’t be due again until the last day of the month. If you pay on the 14th, your payment will cover two weeks of work and we won’t bill again until the last day of the month.


We will expect to collect these payments regardless of the launch status of your website, personal or business difficulties that delay the launch of an advertising program or any other reason. If payments are not collected within 3 days after the due date, we will turn off service, pause any running accounts (e.g., PPC, Social media, SEO work) and will require a reinstatement fee to turn your services back on/begin working on them. This reinstatement fee is $100 if not otherwise outlined in your service agreement.


We require 2 weeks to set up and build your account, and this is included in your billing time.  If you’re not ready to start an ongoing program with us, we urge you to work with us so we can set an initial billing date that will ensure consistent service.


If you need more information regarding why we’re using this payment policy, please visit our FAQ. Thanks so much for your understanding!