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Why Be-Vast Relocated to Baltimore

I loved Austin. It never gets easier talking to friends about all the cool stuff going on down there – not to mention the fact that we were nominated for an Austin Business Award right before moving. Le sigh …

Austin is truly beautiful and amazing, and living there is essentially like hanging out in paradise all day long. The food is spectacular, the weather is sunny almost year-round and you’re far less likely to get stuck in a hurricane, tornado or weird natural disaster than other places in the US. At the same time, Austin is a MAJOR tech city.

We’re blessed to never have too many problems getting clients. Though Meghan and I are constantly working through our work life balance issues, we definitely stay busy and we’re blessed to have new work coming in all the time. I was happy in Austin, but I found myself wanting to expand, to link up with an existing artistic community that had more of a centralized focus. I wanted to also be able to help local clients get some leverage in their businesses and take their own visions to the next level.

There’s no doubt you can do this in Austin, but you can also throw a rock and find a marketing agency there. We relocated to Baltimore because I have roots here, and because I recognized a business and artistic community that’s underserved when it comes to digital advertising.

Making Local Advertising Work

Local Baltimore PPC, SEO and other services require someone who knows the lay of the land a bit – at least, in my opinion. Coming back to Baltimore gives me an opportunity to use that knowledge on behalf of businesses that don’t have these resources. I’ve also hooked up with the Baltimore Artist Compound and a few other organizations to help promote the artistic community in Baltimore.

If you’re in Baltimore and you’d like help with your advertising, I’d love the opportunity to meet you in person. It’s so nice to be able to come ‘home’ – and to be able to pick up business here that really needs us in an underserved market. I’d love to chat with you if you’re in need of some good marketing services!


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