Blog Post Why Two Months is Not Enough for Good Marketing

Why Two Months is Not Enough for Good Marketing



Why Two Months is Not Enough for Good Marketing

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I’ve been doing PPC and online marketing for a long time. This doesn’t necessarily mean too much – folks around my age who started the main part of their careers with internet marketing are going at a rate of 5-7 years of experience. No big deal.

One thing that IS a big deal is losing a client. I don’t use long-term contracts in my marketing services because I want clients to feel they can truly trust me. This isn’t always necessarily easy. Sometimes we’ll have clients on board for 1-2 months before they bail. Some of the common reasons we lose folks in 1-2 months are:

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A recent client decided after one month to pursue a new strategy for his business. Meghan and I discussed the new strategy with him, advising him that with his budget and based on our experience, we didn’t really see a way to make it work.

We advised him to continue his current marketing plan rather than investing more money into a new path that would be more costly, particularly since the change was motivated by what he thought people would want to see from him rather than something he was passionate about.

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Lack of Faith

Mistakes happen. Earning a good reputation doesn’t mean you’re immune to messing up. Lack of faith is a different story. A great deal of our clients come to us badly burned by other agencies, so everything we do is (and should be) under a careful microscope. When working under the pressure of another provider’s mistakes, a relationship can become easily watered down end with difficulties neither the client nor the provider want to deal with.

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Would you turn over your marketing to just anyone? I wouldn’t, either. It’s hard to let that control go. Some clients come to us with marketing knowledge, some don’t. Regardless of a client’s marketing skill level or expertise, micromanagement has the potential to be an issue. Some folks who hire marketers would definitely benefit more from a VA.

I hate it, but it’s true: 1-2 months of any type of marketing, unless you’re doing a one-off project, are not going to give you an ample demonstration of your marketing team’s capabilities, nor 100% fail proof data as to the success of your campaign.

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Let’s take PPC marketing, for instance. Adwords works on an algorithm, just like Google’s search engine. When we start PPC marketing for a company, a number of factors external to our work on the campaigns can affect our results, either positively or negatively.

– Change in buying season/product popularity due to search volume increase or decrease

– A new competitor entering the market who buys up more ad share

– Pausing or enabling of new keywords affecting conversions and spend distribution throughout the campaign

– Spend increase or decrease – many clients tell us an increase in spend is okay – as in, maxing out their current set budget – when what they really mean is, “Spend is okay as long as you increase conversions.” Adwords is all about testing, so these are two very different concepts. Additionally, decreasing Adwords budget or spend suddenly will slam the brakes on your impressions and affect conversions and click-through.


If you reduce spend, conversions can decrease. If you change ads, CTR might fall, and conversions might fall. These are all part of the Adwords game and overall campaign changes/fluctuations may take more than a month or two to even out. We advise all clients there may be a dip in Adwords functioning when they start working with us. If you have a different Adwords provider handling your account every few months – or your SEO accounts for that matter – you’re going to see some fluctuations and may never get a solid set of data with which to make campaign decisions.

Most monthly PPC services are not about finding the magic button – they’re about educated experimentation over time, and most of the time 1-2 months simply isn’t enough to get a good read on your campaign. It is, however, enough time to figure out whether your marketing relationships and the level of customer service you’ve been provided are enough for you. If not, then it’s time to move on – no matter what agency you work with.

If you’ve worked with an agency that hasn’t provided the service you’re looking for, I’d love to talk to you. I promise to always give you a realistic answer about how this is all going to work and what you can expect from your marketing campaigns based on my experience.

Thanks for reading!

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