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Writing Webcopy Your Audience Understands



Writing Webcopy Your Audience Understands

Figuring out the best way to address your audience in site copy isn’t always easy. If you’re part of a B2B company, you’ll often find it much easier to talk in a language you know rather than the one your audience needs to hear for a sale.

For example, a client completely new to PPC might come to my site and read:

“If you’re looking for maximum ROI and granular click data to justify your ad spend, we can assure you complete engagement and attention to detail!”

This is all well and good, but perhaps my audience needs to hear:

“We’ll get you the maximum return on your advertising spend – and our reporting doesn’t leave you guessing about what’s going on in your account.”

Knowing Your Audience

Whether you’re doing PPC, SEO or Social Media marketing, your audience needs to know you’re right for them and giving them good data. Your audience needs to know that you’re on top of your stuff – so in many ways, speaking to them at your level of business understanding demonstrates what you know. However, think about a real-life conversation – talking over someone’s head at a party makes you look like a total, pompous windbag. If you manage to approach your audience with grace, with a demonstrated knowledge of your subject and you’re able to show you care about their needs, you’re more likely to have  a captive audience.[/p]

It’s time to start thinking about our online audiences the same way.

If You Can’t Wordsmith …

If you don’t know what you’re doing, hire someone else to do it. You’d be surprised at how easy and cost-effective it can be to hire a sales writer just to edit your copy, particularly if you’re not keen on having someone do everything from scratch.

What’s important in all this is your audience’s understanding of the ultimate value you plan on providing. If your competitors have a crazy technical site that’s over your potential clients’ heads, and your site demonstrates your expertise while being easy to understand, who do you think they’d rather talk to?

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